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  1. a corporate vision for the creative integration of the health, environmental and information sciences to provide high quality professional services while utilizing state-of-the-art technology;
  2. knowledge of emerging issues regarding regulatory policy, science & technology to provide proactive, thoughtful and value-added corporate counsel;
  3. decades of experience in collaborating with regulatory agency staff (e.g., EPA, PMRA, California EPA);
  4. a small consulting firm, with a client service focus to deliver high quality work products through direct interaction with highly motivated senior experts, while maintaining time efficiency and cost-effectiveness;
  5. project management and communication “standard operating procedures” that provide a means for developing an intimate knowledge of our clients needs and the derivation of value-added solutions; and
  6. a senior network of experts from academia, laboratory facilities, medical institutions, and other subject matter areas, to provide a tailored, multi-disciplinary team to problem-solve in collaboration with client staff members.
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