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  • U.S. and international chemical regulation, registration and review processes (e.g., FIFRA, FFDCA, TSCA, EU Biocides Directive)

  • State regulatory affairs (e.g., California’s Proposition 65)

  • Sustainability / environmental assessments of technologies and products

  • Reduced risk evaluations

  • Inert ingredients and food additives

  • Consumer & professional product safety evaluations

  • Consumer & professional product use/usage research (survey design, analysis and data management for application in quantitative risk analysis)

  • Development of novel methods for human health risk assessment (e.g., exposure monitoring data, pharmacokinetics/dynamics, benchmark dose analysis, stochastic modeling)

  • Occupational, residential and dietary (food and water) exposure assessment, including multi-pathway, multi-route aggregate and cumulative exposure modeling

  • Scientific database design, development, implementation and data management

  • Residential and occupational exposure and biological monitoring - study design, field phase oversight, data interpretation and reporting

  • Design and approval process for human subject monitoring studies

  • Toxicological profile development, hazard identification and dose-response assessment

  • Toxicology study design, oversight and report preparation;

  • Human exposure and health risk communication (technical non-technical position documents and presentations; in-house workshops)

  • Preparation of peer-reviewed journal publications

  • Regulatory policy evaluation and impact analysis

  • Technical support for task forces / joint ventures

  • Representation at regulatory agency meetings

  • Presentations to science advisory panels and participation on expert panels

  • Litigation technical support / expert witness testimony

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